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the azul retreats team
The yoga & pilates retreat team, Fuerteventura, Spain

The Azul Team, the Azul Family

Our team is here to support you in your wellbeing journey. Know that you are empowered and in control. Choose the path that’s right for you, guided by a warm and approachable team, true to their ideals. 

  • Frauke BehrensKundalini Yoga & Meditation instructor, Villa Azul

    Frauke Behrens yoga and meditation instructor

    • International Kundalini Yoga teacher certification (by Yogi Bhajan)
    • Quiro-massage therapist diploma
    • Sport instructor diploma

    Frauke is a real reflection of what she is teaching, and each class with her is an experience. Originally from Germany, Frauke has lived and worked in Spain for more than 30 years.

    Frauke has been teaching and practicing Kundalini Yoga for many years. She is certified through the Kundalini Research Institute, teaching in the style of Yogi Bhajan and is a full member of the Spanish Association of Kundalini Yoga.

    Frauke Behrens warrior poseFrauke is passionate about what she does and each class and meditation she leads help us to connect and to cleanse. You will enjoy every minute of her class, from the gentle meditation through to the energetic asanas, to the final relaxation.

    Frauke reminds us to connect and centre, to know that life is to be enjoyed, and it’s a great message.

  • Jo DombernowskyPilates Instructor & Nutrition Advisor

    • Jo Dombernowsky Villa Azul chefStott Pilates MAT-plus instructor (matwork, fitness-circle, flexband, arc-barrel)
    • Nutritionist & Dietician- “Dietetica y nutrición” ISMET -Instituto Superior de Medicinas Tradicionales, Barcelona
    • Author of ‘Truly Healthy, Truly Delicious

    Jo is in charge of the menu at the retreat and inspires us all with her ability to make really healthy food taste really good. Having studied nutrition for many years, Jo knows the power of food to improve health, energy and wellbeing and prepares her meals to do exactly that. She loves to pass on her knowledge and passion for food throughout the retreat and in her workshops and nutrition weeks.

    Jo Domernowsky Pilates Instructor Villa Azul, Fuerteventura, SpainOriginally from Denmark, Jo is quickly becoming the Canary Island’s go to expert on all things nutrition and you may catch her being interviewed on the radio. She has successfully campaigned to improve nutritional education within schools, and is experiencing widespread support for her amazing cookbook, ‘Truly Healthy, Truly Delicious‘.

    Jo is also an advanced practitioner and inspiring instructor of Stott Pilates. Her classes focus strongly on understanding correct form, body awareness and body synergy, giving students the understanding and skill to progress in their Pilates safely and quickly.

    Jo’s passion for fitness and overall wellbeing shine through in all that she does, and we are delighted to have her as part of the team.


  • Federico ZanchettaYoga & Meditation Instructor, Villa Azul & Lotus Lodge


    • Hatha Yoga instructor diploma, Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center
    • Master in Pranayama and dynamic yoga in Rishikesh, India
    • Ayurvedic massage degree, Varkala, India
    • Thai Yoga massage degree, Thailand
    • Teacher Trainer at Sivananda Teacher training course – Umbria, Italy

    federico-zanchetta-lotus-lodge-fuerteventuraFederico strongly believes in the mind body connection. He encourages you to be present in your classes, and helps you learn alignment and getting comfortable in your own body through pranayama, guided asanas and visualisations. A former international snowboarder, Federico has spent time training and teaching yoga all over the world and brings his experience and knowledge to the Azul team.

    Federico started practicing Raja yoga in 1998, and has been influenced by various styles including Kundalini, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Hatha. He enjoys teaching yoga and especially loves incorporating the benefits of yoga into extreme sport training.

  • Paola ReznikYoga Instructor, Lotus Lodge

    • Yoga Teacher Diploma (200 HR TTC), Gayatri School of YogaPaola Reznik Azul yoga instructor
    • Reiki Level 2 Diploma, Dr. Usui
    • Nutrition Diploma, Mónica Flores (

    Paola started practicing Swástya Yoga in 1998 with Master De Rose, founder and Dean of the first University of Yoga in Brazil. The Swástya Yoga method includes Asana Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana (Gyana) Yoga and Tantra Yoga. She learned about modern adaptations for these methods and yoga became her passion.

    Paola Reznik Azul yoga instructorPaola absorbed this knowledge from a technical dynamic yoga which assumes no mysticism, guiding with a smile and with care, without imposing views.

    Paola gained her diploma as a yoga teacher, training at the Gayatri School of Yoga following the traditions of Sivananda and Satyananda Yoga.

    Paola believes that yoga is a way of life and that good nutrition is essential to find harmony in the body and mind. For Paola, the art of breathing teaches us to find a balance in our emotions and feelings, stilling our thoughts to better connect with our bodies.

    “Lo que me maravilla del arte de enseñar…
    … es el arte de aprender”

    “The art of teaching is the art of learning”

  • Manuel Molina de la TorreAshtanga Yoga and Vegan Chef, Villa Azul

    manuel-molina-de-la-torreManuel is a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga practitioner who practises and teaches the Ashtanga Vinyasa method in its purest and most traditional form. He has studied extensively in India and with some of the world’s best teachers including Louise Ellis, Manju Jois, R. Saraswathi and John and Lucy Scott, amongst others.

    Manuel’s teaching focuses on grounding, connecting to the earth to find stability, listening the body, respecting its limits, and deepening the breath – using it to guide the practice and develop strength and flexibility.manuel-molina-de-la-torre-ashtanga-yoga

    “…Yoga is a real tool for transformation that allows us to find our inner and deeper self. With patience, we will learn to follow our breath, to find our natural rhythms and to walk through life with humbleness and determination. Eventually we will be more open and flexible to the changes of life and we will find the strength to face reality as it is…a never ending change. Yoga empowers our journey towards the research of some light on our life…”

    Manuel is also very involved in nutrition, playing an important role in the kitchen cooking many meals for guests at Azul. He is highly engaged with healthy foods and as a vegetarian he believes a good diet is essential for a good practice and for a deeper, more meaningful way of life.

    Manuel’s patience and yogic approach to life are a joy and inspiration to be around. He will be hosting workshops in 2013, so watch this space.

  • Erika FranciosiYoga Instructor


    • Hatha yoga teacher training – Patanjali International Yoga Foundation
    • Advanced and classical Hatha Yoga, pranayama, mudra & bandhas with Master Jitendra Das, Rishikesh India
    • Postural Pilates Academy, Certified Teacher, Torino Italia
    • Fitness instructor

    Erika believes that Yoga is a very powerful instrument for the purification and strengthening of the body and mind. Yoga allows us to reach a balance and harmony with our lives, and with the world around us. Yoga is a vehicle which allows us to live up to the full potential of our consciousness.

    erika-franciosi-yoga-instructor-azul-retreatsErika also believes in the effectiveness and benefits of Pilates practice, for rehabilitation and strengthening. She sees how complementary the yoga and Pilates methods are, and when used together they allow us to use our bodies to their full potential, strong, flexible and free from injury.

    Erika loves cooking and believes in the spiritual value of food – she knows that nourishhment for body and soul are interconnected. For Erika, vegetarian food is the only way to grow, following the path of yoga to a more spiritual, healty life.

  • Paco BorgesAssociate Tai Chi Chuan Instructor, Villa Azul

    Paco BorgesPaco is from Fuerteventura, born and raised, and has been practicing martial arts for over 20 years and tai chi chuan for ten years. His titles are awarded by Tai Chi Healthways, San Diego California, from the prestigious master Jesse Tsao and ‘Asociación Canaria de Artes Integrales’ (ACAI). He has travelled around the world gaining in experience and enriching his practice and knowledge.paco-tai-chi

    To this day Paco continues learning from his teacher and is dedicated to continuing his learning and development along this path. Paco is passionate about the positive effects of tai chi and is dedicated to helping our guests benefit physically, mentally and spiritually through the practice of tai chi chain. His fun and challenging tai chi classes are the perfect complement to the Azul philosophy.

  • Wendi MillerMeditation instructor and therapist

    • MSc Occupational Psychology (BPS)Wendi Miller
    • Quiropraxis (Therapeutic Massage)
    • Jikiden Reiki (Shihan-Kaku)
    • National Federation of Spiritual Healers

    With more than twenty years training and experience Wendi brings together a wealth of techniques for mind, body and spirit.

    As a qualified psychologist she has specialised in Stress Management and has complemented this with many years practising meditation. She believes meditation is essential for finding and maintaining a calm centre in a stressful world and holds several weekly classes here on the island.

    For the body, Wendi trained in massage and Quiropraxis along with energy techniques such as Jikiden Reiki, and has developed a unique touch therapy that can help alleviate the symptoms of stress.

    Actively working on her own spiritual path, Wendi came to a point where she realised that developing compassion is the most powerful tool of any healing process.

    Azul is delighted to have her on the team, offering therapeutic treatments and specialist courses to help people regain a calmer, healthier quality of life.


  • Lisa DixonGeneral Manager

    Lisa-dixon-villa-azul-retreatLisa has lived in Fuerteventura for 18 years so her native England is just a distant memory! Originally working as a travel rep on the island, Lisa’s background in tourism and administration makes her the perfect glue to bring everything together.

    Based at the villa, she likes to have a chat and a laugh with guests and is always happy to help. A true team player, her sense of humour and down to earth attitude make her the perfect person for helping guests to enjoy their stay.

  • Ginevra BianchiAyurvedic Therapist, Lotus Lodge


    • Certificate in Ayurvedic massage therapist, Asho Institute of Ayurveda, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh India.
    • Certificate in Ayurvedic Therapist, Asho Institute of Ayurveda, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India.
    • Certificate in Nutrition, Psychology, Diagnostics, Asho Institute of Ayurveda, Himachal Pradesh, India.
    • First year of Naturopaty, Oasi Naturale, Torino, Italy
    • Certificate in Tibetan Universal Massage, Prof. Dhondup of Tibetan Universal Massage Institute, Himachal Pradesh, India.
    • Kalari Chikiltsa, C.V.N. Kalari Sangam, T.Sudhakaran Gurukkal, Eddakad, Calicut, Kerala, India.
    • Ayurveda, Marma Chikitsa and Kalaripayattu, Dr. Lal, Hindustan Kalari, Calicut, Kerala, India.
    • Touch for Health, IKSEN, Italy
    • Thai massage, Nerve Touch, Lek Chaiya Chang Mai, Thailand
    • Thai massage, Enrico Corsi, Italy

    ginevra-bianchiGinevra is an ayurvedic therapist, specializing in panchakarma and different kinds of massage and treatments. She studied with various teachers in India and after the first year of learning she was honoured to be asked by her teachers to work with them as their assistant therapist in an ayurvedic clinic in the himalayas. During that year Ginevra really experienced directly the effectiveness of what she had learned, witnessing the amazing improvement in her patients and clients. This experience really drove her to keep on studying and looking for teachers in order to deepen her knowledge.

    Ginevra joins us at Azul to offer her wealth of skill and experience as a key member of the treatments and therapies team.

  • Adele ScottSports Massage, Lotus Lodge

    • Adele ScottLevel 3 Pilates Instructor
    • CIBTAC NVQ Advanced Beauty Therapy & Electrolysis Level 1, 2 & 3
    • Master’s Diploma, Clinical Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation

    Originally from the UK, Adele has lived in Fuerteventura for nine years. Passionate about surfing, Pilates and sports therapy, she loves what she does and it shows.

    adele-scott-pilatesHer background in sports massage takes her training as a Pilates instructor to the next level. An expert on the human body, she works with people on injury rehabilitation, providing specific advice and targeted exercises focusing on bringing the body back into correct alignment.

    Her sports massages are extremely popular and she has been known to resolve persistent physical problems in just a couple of sessions. Her relaxed attitude makes her extremely approachable and easy to talk to, and her interest in sports, nutrition and making people feel better make her a perfect fit for the Azul team.


  • Karissa IsaacAll around team player

    Karissa Isaac

    • Bachelor of Science, Boston University
    • Clincal Cytogeneticst (by training)
    • Reiki Level II (Western method) Qualification
    • Jikiden Reiki Okuden (second level)
    • Complementary Therapists Association Full Member (CThA)
    • Enthusiastic organizer

    A geneticist by training, Karissa is a strong believer in a holistic approach to wellbeing and the benefits of Pilates and yoga. She put her passion for holistic health into setting up Azul along with Jamie, and works to make sure that all guests get the most out of their Azul holiday. Karissa is a reiki practitioner and is following her love of healing and holistic wellbeing.

    karissa-and-jamieKarissa is currently residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA with her young son to be closer to family whilst he grows up. Although she is missing the great surf on Fuerte, Karissa loves the water and is a former America East record holder in the 200 Butterfly. You can still find her in the water, even in the middle of the desert, encouraging her little one in all things water based!

    You’ll find Karissa mostly behind the scenes, making sure things run smoothly for your best Azul experience.

  • Cat EasterbrookMarketing & PR

    Cat EasterbrookCat came to Azul as a guest in 2011 and enjoyed the experience so much she decided to stay! Her passion for Azul comes through in all she does, and she loves to use her creative skills of writing, design and photography to get the word out about the Azul experience and her adopted home, Fuerteventura.

    Relatively new to yoga herself (actually her first ever class was at the villa and she remembers that first blissful class with Emma with great fondness…) she is thrilled to have been introduced to a more holistic way of life. Having recovered from CFS/ME using yoga as one of the main tools in her recovery, she is really passionate about the power of yoga and the importance of a life of balance and harmony.

  • Gary SolomonAccounts & all-rounder


    Gary left his corporate job in the UK to join the Azul team, adding his much-welcomed experience working for a large UK tour operator to the Azul mix. Gary was instrumental in launching the Lotus Lodge and has supported this venture to grow into the much-loved yoga lodge that it is today.

    Not just a quick mind, Gary loves cycling, triathlons and SUP. He can often be found out on his bike or catching some waves on his paddleboard, making the most of the beautiful island that he now calls home.

    Gary is a real team player and helps with many aspects of the Azul experience, always bringing a healthy sense of humour and c’est la vie attitude, to keep things light whilst getting things done.

  • Paula ColverTranquility Spa Manager (Lotus Lodge)

    Paula Colver

    • NVQ beauty therapy, level 2 VTCT (IIHHT)
    • Body Massage VTCT (IHBC)
    • Anatomy & Physiology VTCT (IHBC)
    • Nail Treatments VTCT (IIHHT)
    • Diploma in Reflexology VTCT (IHBC)
    • Depilation (Numerous treatment-specific qualifications)

    Paula comes from the UK but has lived in Fuerteventura for many years. She has a genuine passion for what she does and it comes through in each of her treatments.

    Paula is based in the beautiful Tranquility Spa in Corralejo and is in demand as a beautician and masseuse on the island. She is renowned for her Balinese massages – it’s probably the best massage you will ever have (and certainly the best Balinese massage outside of Bali)! Azul is proud to work with Paula to offer a full complement of massage and beauty treatments.

Guest Instructors

Our guest instructors really add something special to the Azul experience and we are honoured to have them as part of the team. These instructors study, work and train internationally, always bringing fresh ideas and enthusiasm to share with our core Azul team and our guests.

  • Jamie IsaacAzul Yoga & Pilates founder, featured Pilates Instructor

    • BA Ed (Hons) Physical Education & Sports Science – Exeter UniversityJamie Isaac
    • Register Of Exercise Professionals – Level 3 Advanced Instructor
    • Pilates / Core Stability & Torso training
    • European Register Of Exercise Professionals – Personal Trainer (PT Dip)
    • Nutritional Advisor – OCR
    • Applied Sports Nutrition
    • ‘Pilates Flow’ DVD

    Originally from the Isle of Wight, England, Jamie enjoys many aspects of the fitness and exercise profession, but his passion is Pilates (closely followed by surfing!) Jamie teaches internationally, most recently in Bali, the USA, England and Fuerteventura. He is a featured instructor at the Vitality Show in London, the OM Yoga Show in London and the Mind, Body Spirit Festival in Brighton.

    As a former international trampolinist, flexibility and core stability conditioning programs were staples in his training regime. After his competitive career, Jamie continued his involvement in trampolining by using his knowledge and experience to coach others in their quest for success.

    Jamie continued his study of core conditioning in university, following the natural progression on to the Pilates method. Impressed by the effectiveness of the method, he went on to complete courses and workshops in the UK, Spain and the USA.

    Jamie Isaac Pilates InstructorJamie practices and teaches Pilates as more than just a set of physical exercises. By incorporating body and mind he finds the classic Pilates method benefits all aspects of life – especially his other passion, surfing, which benefits massively from the improved focus, body awareness and core conditioning that Pilates brings.
    Jamie enjoys passing on his knowledge of Pilates, helping others to relax and progress, and teaching in specialist areas such as injury rehabilitation, specialist referral and coaching other sports professionals and enthusiasts.

    Jamie’s enthusiasm and down to earth, friendly manner help students get the most possible from each and every class – and have fun while they’re doing it!

    Jamie has also released a Pilates flow DVD. With music by Moby and proceeds going to charity this DVD brings a mix of classical and contemporary exercises, that allows you to build on the principles of alignment, and centering. The workout would be a nice progression for guests to follow on from their time at the retreat, or for those already with some Pilates experience, looking to challenge themselves further.

    For more information on Jamie please see

  • Valentina ParmigianiYoga & Meditation instructor

    Valentina Parmigiani Hatha Yoga Instructor

    • Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher training at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation with Master Jitendra Das, Rishikesh, India
    • Teacher Training Course in ‘Yoga Flow’ including Ashtanga sequences and special postures for levels from Beginner to Advanced, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka
    • Teacher training at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation, Classical Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Mudra & Bandhas with Master Jitendra Das, Rishikesh, India

    Valentina is an inspiring teacher, a teacher of classical Hatha Yoga adapted for all levels, having trained using ancient Indian methods learned in her various studies all over the world. Classes with Valentina improve agility, muscle tone, strength, flexibility and breath control.

    Valentina Parmigiani Hatha YogaValentina believes in yoga’s physical and mental benefits, providing a holistic harmony in our bodies through asanas and pranayama. This helps to promote a balance between the nervous system and endocrine system, then directly influencing all organs in the body, providing an improvement in overall health and wellbeing.

    Valentina loves living and teaching yoga in Fuerteventura where she can surf, kitesurf and body board, and feel the benefits of her yoga practice through improved coordination and flexibility, and sees that yoga improves self confidence and helps us feel connected. She strongly beleives in yoga as a way of life, which can only be learned through experience.


  • Andrea EveringhamGuest Yoga Instructor

    Andrea EveringhamAndrea is the founder of OneYoga Studio in Manchester and a regular contributor to ‘Ask The Expert’ (Manchester Evening News). She combines her many years of experience studying and working with the human body and movement with an in-depth study of nutrition and raw foods and their impact on overall wellbeing. She is also trained in ante- and post-natal care.

    She joins the Azul team in the Fuerteventura sunshine with her natural and empathetic teaching style and infectious enthusiasm. Her holistic and sophisticated approach of total body, mind and spirit integration is as accessible to those new to yoga as it is challenging for the more practiced yogi.

    Naturally approachable and caring, her passion is to bring the joy and release of yoga to her students. Her captivating, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed approach continues to attract a strong following of committed yogis both in her studio and through retreats across the globe.

  • Alex EstornelPilates Instructor

    Alex Estornel - Pilates instructorAlex has been a fitness instructor for over 10 years with certification from International Sports and Sciences Association. He has taught Pilates for over 6 years with certification from Equinox Pilates and over two years of study under Master Instructor Carrie Macy, who is a Romana Kryzanowska alumnus.

    Alex comes from a dance and acting background and he is well known for his work in the TV, film, and stage industry, performing with recording artists such as Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Cher and Gloria Estefan. He has also featured in numerous fitness videos by Beach Bodies and performed with the Metropolitan Ballet Company, and Liz Imperio’s Instincts Contemporary Dance Company in Los Angeles.

    Alex Estornel, Azul Yoga & Pilates InstructorAlex likes to merge his classical knowledge with a progressive contemporary style. He is relaxed and down to earth, but will definitely challenge and enthuse you with his teaching style. Be ready to work hard, make great progress and to experience Pilates taught in a fun and challenging American style, from one of the USA’s finest.

    I have seen people completely transform their entire lives with Pilates, and that includes myself. Each one of us has
    an untapped energy that lives deep within our core, that on a daily basis, we never even connect with or discover. I aid my clients and friends to find that hidden strength and passion that ultimately changes every fibre of their being. My Pilates retreat will inject you with the passion for a healthy lifestyle regardless of your surroundings and send you home completely transformed. Pilates with me will reinvigorate you, strengthen you, and liberate you.


  • Emma MalarkeyHatha & Power Yoga instructor, Lotus Lodge

    • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga TeacherEmma Malarkey
    • Richikesh Yog Peet RYS 200 Yoga Alliance Certification
    • Trika School of Yoga – Intensive Hatha Certification
    • Mandala School – Intensive Ashtanga Yoga

    Emma originally came to us from Scotland for a six-month period. She was such a popular instructor that we asked her to stay and happily she agreed, having been won over by island life and the friendly Azul team! Clients have been known to return to the island, just for Emma’s classes and her unique and supportive style.

    Emma practises and studies yoga extensively in India, experiencing various styles and schools including traditional hatha, tantra, Mysore ashtanga, sivananda, iyengar, hatha vinyasa, and more modern forms such as yin yoga and bikram. She returns to India in between teaching for Azul, in order to further her experience and her personal journey with yoga.

    Gaining inspiration from her varied experience, Emma has developed her own personal style for teaching. She enjoys leading a dynamic hatha class, with a strong vinyasa influence, rounding off the class by holding postures to create intensity and deep stretching in the body.

    Emma’s experience and smiley, enthusiastic nature make her classes challenging, varied and lots of fun.

  • Catharina VoorhoevePilates Instructor

    Catharina Voorhoeve

    • Formació Aeróbic, fitness y Entrenadora Personal
    • I.S.A.T. Internacional School of Aerobic Training 1994
    • Stott Pilates Certified, Mat and Reformer all levels

    Catharina VoorhoeveA world cup Wind Surfing competitor and former Holland national windsurf champion, Catharina joins the Azul team this summer to share her joy and enthusism for the Pilates method. She has been a fitness instructor since 1994, and her energy is contagious.

    She is a passionate Pilates practitioner and also loves to spend time in the water Windsurfing, doing SUP and kayaking. A mother of 4, Catharina’s daughter is also a talented athlete (a Spanish senior team wildwater kayak member) and Catharina loves to support them all. Catharina is fluent in Spanish, Dutch, Catalan, and English, and also speaks German. She is full of life and energy – come and stay with us in July and experience her method and instruction firsthand!

  • Annie RosarVinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor

    • 2012 private classes Pure Yoga, NY, with Kay Kay ClivioAnnie Rosar
    • Workshop with Bryan Kest, the founder of power yoga
    • 2011 Safa Fitness – personal trainer projects
    • 2009 – 2010 Beyond Ashtanga Yoga with Stefan D. Prowaznik
    • 2005 Ashtanga Yoga Vienna, Shinergy Vienna
    • 1998 Yoga Siromani, Teacher of Yoga, International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre

    Annie discovered yoga through the hatha style but has become a talented teacher and practitioner of ashtanga vinyasa flow. Annie integrates a dynamic series aimed at the development of strength (especially lower back and abs) with focus throughout the practice. Having studied ashtanga yoga she utilises the powerful flow of the surya namaskara (sun salutation) A and B from the ashtanga series.

    Her main attention is to continuous flow with proper breath, aiming to develop a self-dependant unity of movements and breath under the guidance of the teacher. Annie is a well-respected power vinyasa flow teacher within the professional surfing and windsurfing communities and she is the featured yoga expert in a book about power yoga for surfing.

    Annie is committed to her journey with yoga and regularly takes part in courses and workshops with inspirational mentors and world-renowned teachers. We are delighted that she chooses Azul as her base in between her studies, and always look forward to trying and sharing the new things she has learned.


  • Lena ReislohZumba Instructor

    Lena ReislohLena is our resident zumba instructor, inspiring us with her love of dance, passion for sports and enthusiastic nature.

    Lena started ballet dancing when she was just four years old. She continued with Jazz and modern dance and competed in national competitions in her native Germany.

    With a PHD in Sport Science, Lena developed a program to help overweight people improve their health and worked in the sports medicine department of her university. Lena has taught various fitness classes, including Nordic-Walking, ‘back-school’, prevention classes, personal training, aerobics and children’s classes.

    She is passionate about the ability of music to free your mind, make you feel great, and get you doing the moves that provide such positive consequences for your body and mind.

    Besides dancing Lena loves surfing, skiing and snowboarding and is a self-proclaimed ‘sport-addicted’. With such a wealth of experience and such enthusiasm for an active lifestyle, her classes are sure to shake up your exercise routine if not your life!

  • Becky UterharkZumba Instructor

    Becky UterharkBecky is our guest zumba instructor, joining us for special events and fitness weeks. Having started dancing at the age of three she is passionate about dance and loves to get other people hooked too. Her training as a fitness instructor and a personal trainer means she has a lot of knowledge to back up her moves.

    Becky loves to combine her dancing and fitness experience to help other people become fit and healthy and have more fun in their lives. She is an inspirational instructor and her beach zumba classes are not to be missed!